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Last updated - November 1, 1998
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Why use banner ads?
Banner ads are in use by many sites on the Internet today. They raise awareness of your presence on the Internet, and help to drive visitors to your site. This is a low cost alternative to doing hard copy advertising, which is not always guaranteed to reach your target audience.

Why Advertise in Darryls Diving Services On-Line Magazine?
We have an established presence on the Internet. was registered in early 1997 with the idea of informing divers of dive sites. After a short period, we started to publish articles to supplement the locations section of, which led to the creation of the magazine proper. In early summer 1997 we started to take subscriptions to the magazine, a once a month reminder that the site had been updated. This mailing list has grown each month, starting slowly at first, then gradually by leaps and bounds as more and more individuals visited us. We currently send out e-mails to over a thousand subscribers. This means we also get several thousand hits a month, each with the intention of reading the articles that are posted to the site. What better way to reach your target audience, DIVERS!!!

Special Limited Time Offer!!!
We are offering for a limited time space for banner ads at a reduced price. These will start to run in the magazine section of Scubaont April 1, 1999 for an unlimited time. The costs are listed below, and will be raised in price starting April 1, 1999. If you sign up before this date your ad price is guaranteed for six months, or until September 1, 1999 after this date they will be increased to reflect the current price at that time.

Banner Ad Description and Prices
Style #
Size (Kb)
Across the top of each article
400 pixels.
50 pixels
10 kbs
At the bottom of the page in right hand corner
120 pixels
120 pixels
10 kbs

Style 1
This banner ad will give you the most exposure for your money. It will be placed at the top of each page, right above the article. It will be placed our rotating banner ad database for this area. Each time a page loads up there will be a new banner ad in this area. We have roughly 100 pages so if there are 50 advertisers in the database, your ad has the chance to be loaded twice if they read the whole magazine. Alternatively, for each fifty visitors your ad will be loaded once. This database will be limited to only 100 advertisers.

Six months
One Year

Style 2
This banner ad is placed at the bottom of each page. When visitors are done reading an article an ad will be immediately to the right of them, in the links bar (yellow bar). For each page a visitor visits, a new banner ad will load from the database for this area. This database will be unlimited in size.

Six months
One Year

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Don't miss out on this opportunity to expose your site to your potential clients.
If you chose the sign up option you will receive an e-mail confirmation within 48 hours with billing instructions and related information on sending your banner to us. The form for sign up has a Hyperlink e-mail area for sending in your graphics file with the form.


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