Diving Technologies Conference

May 1, 1998
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IANTD will be conducting an annual "Diving Technologies Conference" commencing in 1999.

The first of these events is the International Diving Technologies Conference 1999 which consists of a week of training programs being available to divers the week before and the week following the Conference. The first week of Training will be from October 9th through October 15th. The actual Conference will begin with a Social on the evening of October the 15th with the show running on the 16th and 17th of October 1999. The second week of training programs will be from October 18th through the 24th.The Conference Training Programs consist of Open Water Diver, Deep Air Diver, Nitrox Diver, Advanced Nitrox Diver, Technical Diver (this program consists of what was the old Advanced Deep Air and Technical Nitrox Diver courses combined), Intermediate Trimix Diver, Wreck Diver and Open Water/Advanced EANx Instructor, Technical Instructor, Wreck Instructor and Trimix Instructor. In addition, IT and Instructor Updates will be presented. Cave course will also be available but off location. Please inquire for those details.

The Diving Technologies Conference will consist of presentations on Wreck Exploration, Cave Exploration, Deep Diving Exploration, DPV´s, Rebreathers, and Diving Physiology. Attend and discover the latest frontiers in underwater exploration and the latest developments in decompression models, oxygen toxicity, and other trends in underwater medicine and physiology. Join the debates by experts on the various panels which will follow their presentations. Learn and do the things we love best. See the latest and greatest equipment developments. Talk to the manufacturers and trend leaders at their Diving Technologies Conference Booth and see all of the latest equipment going to market. You will even have your questions answered by those who design the gear we use.

This gala event will be held at the luxurious Marriott Hotel on 17th Street Causeway in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and the adjacent Convention Center. During the training programs, your dive boats will be at the Marriott Hotel Dock for your utmost convenience. Dive lockers will be provided to Marriott Hotel guests by the hotel for ease in stowing your gear during this two week International Diving Technologies Conference ´99 period.

For Conference and Hotel info contact:
The International Diving Technologies Conference ´99
5000 Goodrich Road
Clarence, NY 14031

Respectfully yours,

Patti Mount
President IANTD/IAND, Inc. World HQ

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