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Type: Shipwreck (schooner)
Build: Wood
Location: St. Lawrence River
Nearest municipality: Brockville, Ontario
Depth: 45-80 feet (15-26 metres)
Visibility: 20-25 feet (6-8 metres)
Approximate length: 120 feet (40 metres)
Built: 1868
Sunk: 1877
Access: Shore (from Sparrow Island, accessible by boat)
Level: Advanced

Closest boat launch to Sparrow Island is at Blockhouse Island . Head West about 3 kilometres until you reach Sparrow Island. You can dock your boat in the little bay just East, situated between Sparrow and Stovin Islands. Frow there you can carry your gear to the site entry, about 300 feet away on the island's Northwest side.

This is probably one of the easiest boats to find from the water's edge, since the Lillie's anchor has been placed on the shore of and is chained to the wreck below. It lies upside down on the island's cliff. Interesting to explore in addition to the hull are the ship's keel, its master mast, which lies near the bow, and the coal cargo splattered all around the wreck. The cliff is made of total rock, which gives divers a break by removing the possibility of stirring up silt.

The current is very strong in the West to East direction and can make swimming difficult. Bringing down a dive light in order to peek at some of fish hiding in the hull's cracks is a good idea. Although the opening at the stern is large enough to allow a diver to pass through, this shouldn't be attempted at any time since there's always a possibility that the wreck can fall off the inclination into deeper water.

Jean Langlois is a Cornwall, Ontario native who now works in Ottawa as a computer technologist. He has been diving for ten years, having now reached the level of rescue diver. Although most of his diving has been in his home region from Cornwall to Kingston, Jean also had the pleasure of discovering other beautiful dive spots such as Tobermory, the Maritimes and Les Escoumins in Quebec. He recently has combined passion of diving and computers to create a new Web Site, Scuba Diving in Eastern Ontario!
Jean can be reached at the following e-mail address br624@freenet.carleton.ca
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~Kaos2/scuba.


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