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Type: Shipwreck (Schooner)
Location: St. Lawrence River
Nearest municipality: Clayton, New York
Build: Wood
Propulsion: Sail
Depth: 60-125 feet (20-42 metres)
Visibility: 25 feet (8 metres)
Approximate length: 100 feet (33 metres)
Sunk: Around 1897
Access: Boat
Level: Advanced

Closest boat launch to this wreck in Ontario would be at the Rockport Government Docks. Head West, passing between Bold Castle and Alexandra Bay in New York and head for the Ivy Lea International Bridge. The wreck is in U.S. waters, about 2 km's West of the Ivy Lea International bridge. The wreck's marker can be seen sandwiched by an island that houses an elderly couple's cottage on the South side (immediately West of the light house on Rock Island), and a green buoy marked # 215 on the North side.

This particular wreck lies on the side of a shoal which explains why its depth range is so wide. Although pretty strong on the entire length of the descent line, the current on this site disapears once the diver swims over the bow and follows the deck which will lead him/her toward the ship's stern. The holds on the deck might be large enough to let a diver through, but do not swim in! The inside is very dark and silt can be stirred up very easily. Items of interest are all outside the wreck anyway, like the stove, at the stern on deck, and the rudder. The main mast, detached from the Vickery, is also visible from the stern on the starboard side, but be cafeful not to swim to it though, since its depth will lead you past the sport diving absolute maximum depth of 130 feet (44 metres). Take advantage of the great visibility instead.

Only advanced divers with plenty of experience should dive this very deep wreck. Keep a very close eye on your air and depth gauges as well as your bottom timer. Allow plenty of air your return to the surface, as you will need to make your safety stop in the very strong current. As well, incorporate a safety margin in your dive table calculations for extra safety.

The areas around the Vickery are filled with pleasure and commercial boaters, so flying a divers down flag is not only a very good idea, it is a legal requirement in the state of New York.

Jean Langlois is a Cornwall, Ontario native who now works in Ottawa as a computer technologist. He has been diving for ten years, having now reached the level of rescue diver. Although most of his diving has been in his home region from Cornwall to Kingston, Jean also had the pleasure of discovering other beautiful dive spots such as Tobermory, the Maritimes and Les Escoumins in Quebec. He recently has combined passion of diving and computers to create a new Web Site, Scuba Diving in Eastern Ontario!
Jean can be reached at the following e-mail address br624@freenet.carleton.ca
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~Kaos2/scuba.


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