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Written by Brenda Weiss
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NOTE: Uwatec recommends this computer only for qualified Nitrox divers.

The Aladin Air X Nitrox is an air integrated dive computer that monitors your dive based on personal behaviour, environmental conditions, and oxygen toxicity levels. The Air X Nitrox uses the adaptive decompression model developed by Professor Buhlmann in conjunction with Uwatec AG. During normal dive situations (not high risk) the decompression data is no more conservative than conventional dive computers. However in a high risk situation, a diver may receive, if calculated as necessary, data based on an adaptation of the decompression model. The computer determines the level of risk by constantly monitoring environmental conditions (E.g. water temperature) and behavioural conditions (E.g. actual ascent rates, repetitive dives, diver workloads, and breathing rates). More information about the model is available from Uwatec: they have available a booklet of information that explains the scientific premises behind the model and the corresponding advantages of using it.

The Aladin Air X Nitrox is a wrist mount computer (you never need to search for your console!) that comes with a remote tank mounted transmitter, a "knob" that screws into the high pressure port of your first stage. I liked this design as it makes your equipment very streamlined. You do not have to contend with dangling or cumbersome hoses. The disadvantage of the transmitter is that unless you place it at the angle recommended by Uwatec, it can frequently cut out radio transmission (not a big deal as the transmission only cuts out for a brief second, but the alarm can be annoying!). I have mine placed in the recommended position and find it secure and reliable.

All of the information about your dive is immediately available to you by quick glance at your wrist. Normal dive profile information is displayed along with Nitrox percentage, CNS oxygen limit(%), gas consumption, and time remaining before ascent information. Bells and whistles of the computer include acoustical alarms (which you can clearly hear underwater) and the computer will even tell you when you are breathing too hard!

The Aladin Air X Nitrox allows you to dive on normal air (21% oxygen) or dive on a level from 22% to 50% oxygen. The computer has a built in oxygen clock that monitors oxygen toxicity. A diver can change the oxygen mixture quickly between dives by touching the appropriate contacts on the face of the wrist mount. Bottom times are recalculated whenever the Nitrox mixture is changed. The quick adaptability of this feature is nice and the Nitrox information is easy to read on the wrist mount. The biggest challenge is trying to remember the contact sequence in order to get to the appropriate screen (there are four contacts to choose from)! The maximum operating partial pressure of oxygen can be changed, but must be done using a PC. This limitation is definitely an expensive drawback because you must purchase the necessary Uwatec Datatrak software in order to take advantage of this feature.

For me, the Aladin Air X Nitrox has proven to be reliable in the openwater environment (I haven't tested it in the Florida caves yet, but I will!!). Points for improvement would include: back lighting for night diving, replacing the flimsy strap for securing the wrist mount, and shortening the repetitive and tedious manual. Happy diving!!

The Features of the Aladin Air X Nitrox:
  • Auto Turn On/Off once immersed in water
  • Displays tank pressure (bar or psi) and user adjustable tank reserve pressure
  • Auto altitude compensation 0 - 4,000m (13,000 feet) and altitude adaptation time
  • Displays altitude sector
  • Pre Dive Planner (allows input of planned surface interval)
  • Decompression dive planner
  • Dive depth 0-99 m (0-330 feet)
  • Dive time
  • Maximum depth
  • No stops time
  • Adaptive decompression model Buhlmann ZH-L8 ADT
  • Required deepest deco stop (depth) and required deepest deco stop (time)
  • Remaining dive time at current depth (RBT) and graphic hour RBT display
  • High air consumption warning
  • Luminous display
  • Low air warning
  • Total time to ascend and variable ascent rate 7-20m/min (23-67 ft/min)
  • Fast ascent alarm (acoustically variable and visual)
  • % of allowable ascent speed
  • Acoustically identifiable alarms
  • Missed decompression stop instructions
  • Desaturation time
  • No fly icon and time
  • Surface interval
  • Logbook contains 19 dives (37 via PC)
  • Logbook contains 60 hours via Memo Mouse
  • Quantity of air used
  • Measures water temperature
  • Cautions diver on high microbubble levels
  • Low battery warning and % of remaining battery life
  • User switchable Metric/Imperial
  • User adjustable air consumption warning
  • Can be used without transmitter (tank data suspended)
  • Datatrak downloadable optional which indicates oxygen loadings
  • CNS Oxygen toxicity display and alarms
  • Easy to Change oxygen mix % from 21% to 50%
  • Oxygen mix % display
  • Adjustable maximum oxygen partial pressure (PPO2) via a PC
  • CNS clock adjusts oxygen uptake according to workload

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