Last updated - May 1, 1999
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Welcome to the Photograph Showcase. Occasionally, we will have a diver send in some excellent pictures they have taken underwater, this disserves recognition. We hope that you enjoy what you see here. Remember that these pictures are the property of another individual that has decided to share them with all of us. They do have a copyright on them, please respect this. If you are interested in having a few of your pictures posted to this area, contact me at Please include if possible a short biography, and a photo of yourself.

Thank you and Enjoy
Darryl Koster

Warning: The following files are large and may take some time to download on a slower connection. If the download stalls, hit the refresh (reload) button on your browser. Listed below each thumbnail you will find a file size, remember these pictures are well worth it.

May 1, 1999
Olive Branch Tour Click on the picture to start the tour
This months tour once again comes from Mike Williams. This time on the Olive Branch. There are 12 pictures in total for this tour. It should take you 5-7 minutes (if you do not stop to admire these fantastic pictures that is!!!). Please enjoy, and remember to take the time to read about Mike or drop him a line and let him know what you think of his pictures

December 1, 1998
This months showcase is a collection of several pictures taken by Frank van Gemert. There is 12 in total, and will take around 5 minutes to view them all.
You can also view them either by taking the tour or you can view the thumbnail collection that we have created for this month

Sheboygan Tour

Click On Picture to Start Tour
Mike williams once again sends in more pictures. This time on the Sheboygan, in the Picton-Kingston area of Ontario. There are 11 pictures in this area with descriptions for each.
Navigating this section is easy. At the bottom of each page is a "Back" and "Next" link, you will see all 11 pictures in order with descriptions of each.

Manola, 71.1 KB, Picton ON.

Sligo, 84.5 KB, Toronto ON.

RH Rae, 76.7 KB, Picton ON.

Olive Branch, 56.0 KB, Picton ON.

Olive Branch, 30.6 KB, Picton ON.

Mike Williams sent in these pictures for your viewing enjoyment, here is a small Bio that he sent in. If you would like to find out more about him, you can e-mail him at the address at the end of the bio.

Mike Williams BIO

Mike took his first scuba training in 1981 and then trained as a commercial diver in 1984. He then trained as a paramedic in diving medicine in Los Angeles, California after which he ran a hyperbaric facility in Ontario.

He has been taking pictures underwater for 15 years and has traveled to many exotic destinations including Mexico, Honduras, Belize, St. Lucia, Bonaire, The Bahamas and Hawaii.

For the last six years he has been diving, photographing and researching shipwrecks and other sites throughout the Great Lakes with emphasis in the area at the eastern end of Lake Ontario and into the St. Lawrence River.

He has been a speaker at numerous diving shows in Canada and the United States, has been published in Scuba Times, co-authored The Divers Guide to the Upper St. Lawrence River and has won several awards for his Great Lakes shipwreck photography.

E-mail address for Mike Williams

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